Hey I’m Tanya.

I’m a lover of movement, mindset and magic. I love connecting with people from all walks of life- so reach out and say hi! I regularly go off on tangents and enjoy some kooky conversations. I’m a Projector in human design which equates to my ability to be super focused, have a love of learning and my need for rest. I have lots of ideas. I see the big picture. I can simplify it & then take steps to make it happen but I often think I’m a walking contradiction –

I’m really organised and hustle but I’m also into binging Netflix.

I’m a health enthusiast but I can eat a packet of mint slices in one sitting.

I love cooking beautiful food for my family but I also love fish and chips.

I love going for walks and getting out into nature but sometimes the couch is a perfect substitute.

Balance right?

This is a place where you can read about what I’m doing to become more confident and develop the courage to live my life how I want to live it- without giving so much weight to others opinions.

I am also a space holder for you to bring to life practical magic through practices that ground and honour you and your experiencespersonally or professionally.

I believe in the collision of science & spirituality and how we can learn and support ourselves by being guided through the cycles of nature to bring out our best in work and life.

I hope you can find some inspiration here and, don’t forget to reach out and say hi!

Tanya X

What I do…