I’m so excited you’re here because you know what?

I see you.

I see the woman who knows she is ready to move toward her version of lifestyle success.

I see the woman who…

…adores the relationship she is in however she knows shes changed and is scared of the unknown.

….feels overwhelmed by the number of things that is expected of her as well as the expectation she puts on herself.

… loves her kids so much yet craves to be her own person again without the constant pull to be everything to someone else and very little to herself.

…wants to invest in herself, and go against the status quo but is worried what others will think.

…has goals, ideas, habits that she wants to start but never gets very far because her confidence and self sabotage get in the way.

I get it. I have been there.

I know what that pressure, that self loathing yet, deep desire to connect more to who you are becoming.

Together, we can make waves.

I know that within you is a strong, empowered woman who wants to show those you love what you are capable of so that you are not just uplifting yourself but others too, being a role model for those around you including your kids if you have them.

I work with you by weaving together the practice of yoga-both on and off the mat- and western coaching philiosophies. I give you the “woo woo” and back it up with the science.