A letter for you…

I weave together eastern practices with western coaching frameworks to work with those who want to uplift their day to day lives, create more energy and gain a stronger connection to their mind, body and spirit.

I guess you could say it’s equal parts “woo woo” and “logic”!

When this process begins it empowers you, therefore you gain more confidence and you can start to work on the things that mean ‘success’ to you.

I am a yoga teacher and lifestyle coach. I come from a background of personal training, management and tertiary teaching. I have a Diploma in Professional Coaching and am a registered Yoga Teacher with REPS NZ.

I teach yoga regularly around Wellington and have a special interest in anatomy particularly how you can use yoga in your own unique body-there is no such thing as a normal skeleton-isn’t that refreshing to know? This is so important to me as you will have a wonderful experience in class and not be afraid to come back!

I take workshops, run retreats, do one-on-one private yoga and, will soon be offering more one-on-one coaching and group coaching programmes.

In between all of that I am a Mum to three kids, have a pretty wicked husband, love to run,do HIIT workouts, fuel my body with good quality nutrition, do my own yoga practice, smell beautiful essential oils, and read my weight in books when I get the time (although I have just discovered Audible which is awesome!).

I love to know more about who is on the page, so please if you have any questions or just want to say hi drop into my inbox by sending a PM.

Much love


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