Hey ya! I guess you’d love to know a bit about who I am and where I’ve come from. I like to think this will be kind of like meeting a friend for the first time and getting to know them. So grab a coffee and start reading.

I have done multiple things in my life starting out as a veterinary nurse, becoming a Personal trainer, working in sales and management and then going back to veterinary nursing. That’s what lead me to tertiary teaching. While there, I gained my qualifications in adult literacy and numeracy & tertiary learning and teaching. I realised that most of the roles I had held professionally over the years were coaching others to help them to from where they were to where they wanted to be. I decided that coaching would be my next step and because it was super important for me to have a piece of paper, I completed my Diploma in Professional Coaching through SIT in 2019.

Oh, what about the yoga, you say… well….

I got introduced to yoga when I was 16 by a VHS my mum got me for Christmas. From then yoga bounced in and out of my life. I distinctly remember at about 19 after attending a power yoga class in Christchurch, that I decided I really wanted to be a yoga teacher, but hey, who actually just goes and does what they want to do- not me at the stage that’s for sure! I continued to practice regularly throughout my 20’s- particularly in my pregnancies- and just loved how I felt after practicing both in my mind and body.

Finally though I did it. In 2016 I did my first yoga teacher training in yin yoga (which I adore) and followed it up with my 200 hour teacher training.

Yoga for me is full of connection. It means to unite. I have learnt from practicing it both on and off the mat which is why I get so excited about weaving it through my coaching practices as well. I am also a REPS registered yoga teacher.

I am a little obsessed with how the human body works in both anatomy and physiology so you’ll definitely find me talking about it in my classes, workshops and retreat facilitation!

Enough of the boring bit. Here’s some more about me:

  • I grew up in Canterbury, New Zealand
  • I was a coxswain and went on to give back to the sport through coaching
  • I am married to an awesome human and together we have three kids under 10 and a dog
  • I don’t like bananas
  • I have had to train myself to get up early and do what I have to do first before checking my phone
  • I love to run and do HIIT workouts
  • I enjoy spending time with friends especially if there is dancing involved (not saying I can actually dance though)
  • I left my full time permanent role to do contracting so that I could have more freedom, get away from a horrible culture and to build a business I love
  • I used to be afraid of money and would spend like a crazy person (now I understand it, I love to spend it on what is important to me)
  • Netflix is great especially in winter
  • I still use a paper diary
  • I am an anatomy and physiology geek!

That’s a little more about me! So tell me more about you- flick me an email I’d love to hear from you.