My mission:

To inspire, educate and support you to retreat to rediscover your feminine energy, find balance and reconnect to yourself by bringing practical magic to every day so you can live your life by design.

. I guide you intuitively and strategically to gain the insights you need to embody your truth and, build a deeper connection to your mind body and soul.

I am here to help you to become more connected to your body, to be more intune with your own needs and to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
I’m a believer in the beautiful collision of the sciences and spirituality as well as the important part that nature plays in curating the connection we have with ourselves and who we are becoming.

Welcome! I am so happy to have you exploring this site. Whether I’m the right person or not, it’s all great either way. Have a little read of what I’m about though. Maybe you’ll even see a little bit of me in you.

I’m a born and raised Cantabrian, right down to what I always proudly called my one-eyedness. However I soon learned that I needed to open both eyes to see the world with more clarity and grow as the best version of me.

In my early twenties, I realised I had little confidence in myself. It was all caught up in a façade of confidence and false belief that if I acted a certain way everyone would like me and that was okay.

I was a trained veterinary nurse and worked in the profession off and on for a decade. I learned, I trained others, I was a tutor in animal care and veterinary nursing and, I got to enjoy all those delicious animal cuddles that you do get as a perk of the job. I knew though that it was not where I was meant to be.

After leaving the profession the first time, I took up my passion of exercise and trained as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. I still use those skills today. I love working with people to have a better understanding of their anatomy and physiology. I adored the role and soon delved into sales for a gym and then for two educational facilities. I learnt the what and the how of supporting people through a big life decision- study-and how it could be integrated into a lifestyle that they’d love.

I soon ventured into tertiary tutoring in veterinary nursing and animal care. It was there that I discovered how not to treat people and what direction I wanted my life to head. I think it was here that I really had a meltdown and reformed. I went from being the victim, blaming people for my situation and believing that people were against me to realising that I was the maker of my own reality and delved even deeper into my own development.

You see I’ve done work in the growth and personal development space since I was 18, but it wasn’t until I had children and had to start to ‘settle down’ that I realised that the more I implemented the work, the better my life could become and the quicker I could pull myself out of a rut.

I had forsaken the parts of me that I remember always loving about myself- my craziness, my ability to talk to everyone and anyone, the smile I had when I walked into a room, my love for all things ‘woowoo’ but the one thing I never forgot was how wonderful it felt was how good it felt when I had been able to help someone make a change in their life for the better.

So now, I incorporate all those parts of me. I embody what I teach. If you’re doing it, I’ve either tried/done it or I’m working through it too. I continue to learn. I continue to grow and explore.

I left my tutoring role in 2018 to continue to pursue my dream of yoga teaching(I’d been training as a teacher since 2015) and coaching others to work towards more freedom and flow in their lives so they could create their own version of success. It was important for me to get a qualification here and in 2019 I completed my Diploma in Professional Coaching through the Southern Institute of Technology. I’ve backed myself, I’ve failed, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned lessons and I’ve invested in myself.  And I’m still doing all of those things today.

No one is on a pedestal. No one is immune to getting their hands dirty and learning more about themselves and how to improve where they’re at. You can be so happy and grateful for where you’re at and still want to grow. There is no rule book.

So here’s to you for being here. Here’s to you for looking further into what you want in life. Here’s to your version of success, here’s to your truth, here’s to you being ready to retreat and reconnect with your mind, body and spirit.

I’ll happily ride alongside you on your journey.

What else?

I love to read, I enjoy a good coffee and the odd wine or beer with friend. I love to be around people who support each other where great conversation is present. I love to be outside in nature. I’m also a Mama to three young kids, still work in tertiary education and am an absolute wannabe surfer who would call the beach or the bush her happy place.


  • Diploma in Professional Coaching (2019)
  • 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher (2018)
  • 75 hr Yin Yoga Training, Assistant to Joe Barnett
  • REPS Registered Yoga Teacher (2020)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Teaching (2018)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Tertiary Learning & Teaching (2018)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Veterinary Nursing (2003)
  • Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology (2012)
  • Certificate in Fitness Industry Training (2006)
  • Te Wananga o Aotearoa Certificate in Mauri Ora

That’s a little more about me! So tell me more about you- flick me an email I’d love to hear from you.