Are you ready to invest in yourself?

I never used to invest in myself. I always had a reason as to why I could’nt do what I wanted to do. Usually it was to do with money, but when I really think about it, I was most worried that I would fail and that I would waste the hard earned cash that I had spent- do you feel me? Instead I signed up to free courses everywhere. Never completing them fully, always having an excuse as to why I didn’t and, not actioning what I did learn.

*disclaimer here: free courses are the best! They help you start your journey, whatever it may be. There is a huge range and they’re so brilliant. The key is to choose wisely. Don’t sign up for anything and everything. You’ll become overwhelmed and will get what I call procrast-a-learning. That’s another blog post though 😊

What I discovered though was that when you invest in yourself,you invest in your growth. You invest in the dream you have, the life you want, the way you want to feel and the impact you want to make.

This does usually have an impact on your bank balance as well. Why? Because you have to put ‘skin in the game’. So what does that mean?

Having skin in the game means that you have something invested to make what you want to happen, happen. Two barriers usually pop up for people

  1. They think they have to wait until they are ‘ready’ or have x, y and z ducks in a row.
  2. They think someone else will do the work for them even if they do invest. They aren’t willing to get their hands dirty to make it happen- action trumps all.

Those people don’t have their skin in the game. They have a toe in, they’re happy enough if it doesn’t work out and will find all the excuses and play the blame game if it doesn’t work.

You have to be open and willing to put yourself outside of what is comfortable to achieve something that you haven’t achieved before.

Money is a tangible thing to do this with. You can measure if you spend $4000 on a coach or $800 on a nutrition system. But here’s the thing. What you’ll get back when you truly invest your time, your energy, your determination and how you feel will be more than money could buy. Let’s use the example of joining a gym.

People have this wonderful idea that if they join the gym, that they will go. They’ll decide the days, they’ll purchase the gear and then their exercise goals will be sure to happen.

But here’s the thing- you actually have to turn up.

You have to show up on the days you don’t want to be there, on the days when it is raining and cold and you’d rather be in bed.

You’ve been motivated to join(that’s a good step) but are you really invested in yourself?

Then you have a catch up with a personal trainer. They cost money but they’re going to help you with the best exercise to help with your goals, they’re going to support you when it gets hard and they’re going to help you stay accountable- now you’ve started to invest in yourself!

Off your own back you start finding recipe books, planning your meals and shopping with a list. You’re going to the gym now because you know how you feel when you do.

You’ve started to invest in yourself with accountability from yourself and of your personal trainer.

Finally, after working with your personal trainer for four months, you have a strong habit. You’re motivated even on the days that are hard to get out of bed. You have grown as person as you’ve learnt more about cooking, exercising, achieving your goals and more importantly how you feel about yourself.

You’ve now deeply invested your time, your money and in your health.

Investing in yourself comes down to what you will tolerate in yourself. It is about investing in your own growth and working out what you really want from your life. It’s getting uncomfortable enough that you are ready to go two feet in and you will do whatever it takes to get to where you want to go.

You need to choose the investment level. Any investment level is a great start point. You could ask yourself:

  • Who am I wanting to work with to help me to work towards what I want?
  • What options am I open to exploring options as to how I can do this?
  • What am I willing to look at differently to decide the best way for me to invest?

When I did invest into my own dream of having my own business and working for myself plus getting my Diploma in Professional Coaching,  I put my heart, soul and focus into doing it. I was going to complete it. I did everything my coach asked me to do and I did it in a way that pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me think in a different way.

Over time, my threshold for how much I was willing to invest increased and so with it increased my confidence, my income, my belief in myself and my ability to go all in.

This is something that will trigger people because money always does. I’m not saying to invest thousands when you’re beyond uncomfortable. I’m saying consider what and, more importantly, why you are wanting to invest in coaching, in your health, in your family and then set a plan in action to make it happen. Act before you are ready by finding solutions rather than obstacles.

Are there payment plans?

Can you book to start later and pay it off before you start?

What can you choose to stop doing so that you can afford to do what will actually help you?

Can you speak to the company or the person and talk about a solution?

Is a group coaching programme or a retreat better ‘bang for your buck’ right now?

If the investment you need to make right now is about time:

What do you need to give up to make this a priority?

– Where will you set your boundary?

It may be that you need to only go to after work functions once per month so that you can spend Friday night with your family having a movie night.

Or maybe its about negotiating with your partner nights that you can have the time to go do the exercise, craft class or coffee with a friend that will make you feel like your investing in your health (both mental and physical).

Here’s the bottom line.

If you want to invest in yourself, for whatever reason, you have to do it. You’re the one who has to be slightly afraid of what the outcome will be. You’re the one who has to take action. You’re the one who has to have their skin in the game. You’re the one who has to decide if it’s a priority for you.

No amount of free courses, of saying that you want to learn and never doing, is going to move you forward to where you want to be.

You making a decision and investing in yourself is what will do that.

What are you waiting for?!

If you were to choose something you would like to invest in for your growth, that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, what would it be?

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