Five things I’m doing to keep me centred in my ‘safe haven’

Okay, you’ll notice straight off that I haven’t called it a lockdown. I prefer to think of it as my safe haven. It’s all in the energetics. By saying my safe haven, I feel empowered that I am staying home for myself and others. When you say lockdown, it feels constricting and forced.  Anyway….. one thing I have absolutely noticed is that if we centre ourselves daily, we may feel calmer and find it easier to cope with both external and internal situations that arise.

By external, I mean the others in your bubble or your environment. By internal, I mean what you can do for yourself.

Here are my 5 things that I am loving in my safe haven to keep myself centred:

Tapping into my community: for me this means catching up with friends and family via phone or video chats. It leaves me feeling connected and like I know what is happening in the world outside my bubble. I also am loving being part of a wonderful group coaching community called The Soul Room with Bridget Paddon. This allows me to learn, to support and be supported and to listen to what my soul really wants right now.

How could you tap into your community? What is it that you are missing and how could you fulfil that?

Doing something that I enjoy daily: I have really noticed the importance of filling myself up with something I enjoy. Of late, this has been musical mornings and getting outside before I do any work. I have also found that I have enjoyed playing boardgames and card games so much more than I thought. When we do something we enjoy, it gives us energy. We can feel more alive, creative, open and driven to do more.

What is one thing that you could do daily to smile more?

Creating a work schedule with hubby: for the first two weeks of this lockdown, we didn’t really have anything set. I was the one working from home so I was the one that needed more time. However, that time was sporadic and probably way more than it needed to be (See my last blog). This lead us to deciding that I would do my work in the morning while hubby did things out with the kids and he would do his work in the afternoon. It meant neither of us felt guilty for working and we knew our boundaries. With school going back tomorrow, this is going to become even more important as we have to share devices (so lucky to have devices!!)

What do you need to communicate with your significant other about your needs during this time?

Getting up at the same time: again, at the beginning of all this I would sleep in and honour how I was feeling(mostly), then I realised that actually getting up at a similar time everyday made me feel better, productive and happier for the day. I guess it is giving me a sense of normal and is allowing me some time by myself for quiet in the morning.

What would help you start your day in a more aligned way?

Prioritising meditation, movement and nature: I have always done these things but not always on the daily. I have noticed and am now LOVING that these are my priorities to make my day better. There are things that we deep down know would help us if we did them but often we don’t take the time to really try them and notice their effects. Having this downtime has allowed me to open up to being clear on my morning routines and what brings out the best in me. My insight timer, Move it Mama NZ, yoga and my gorgeous Marlborough Sounds views have helped me with this.

What is something you have started doing in your safe haven that you would like to continue doing when life goes back to a sense of normal? How will you make this happen?

This is just me. I’d love to hear what you have been doing to keep you centred these past few weeks. Drop your suggestions in the comments.



You can find:

Insight timer: check out the iOS app or Android play store to get the app

Move it Mama NZ: find them on Facebook. Fantastic HIIT workouts that last 20 minutes (sometimes 24 minutes if they’re feeling generous) and at a ridiculous investment of just $10 per month.

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