Intuitive readings and healings(coming soon) are for those who are wanting to feel a deeper connection to their mind body and spirit. I tune into what is needed to best support you right now and recite any messages or give clarity to questions given to me through spirit guidance. Intuitive guidance is incorporated into all my work as I feel it supports the human side of our evolution.

Having an intuitive reading is not about getting all the answers (I’m not psychic and you have free will), it is about gaining knowledge, asking your own questions and exploring what needs to come through at this time.

Most are done remotely or via a Zoom call. I ask that when you book a reading that you are able to find a calming and restful place for its duration. You may put on some beautiful music, engage with essential oils or wrap yourself up in a blanket for a nap. It’s a special time for you to connect with yourself, as much as it is for me to tune in to your vibration.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are for those who have specific questions that relate to what is happening in their life right now. I tune into your energy and use my gifts to gently and inquisitively allow the messages I receive to bring you back to connecting to your truth. I also use tools such as oracle cards to assist in the messages that are for you. I am then able to share with you any science that supports what comes through for your body (for those with the logical brains). My intention is for you to leave your reading feeling supported, have more understanding from the guidance received and to feel that you have actions for both your human and spiritual self to align with your own magic and truth.


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