Stop, Start, Keep: How to start 2022!

Oh my gosh! Happy New Year 🙂

We made it. How good does it feel? I know there is a new energy. I know that you want to make this a great year. I know that you’ve probably already started setting out your new years resolutions but I this for you.

It’s simple.

It’s short.

It makes a difference.

You see most of the time we over complicate what we are doing when we are setting goals. We also have a tendency to not look at where we are, where we’ve come from and then we’re not even that specific about where we are going! No wonder its so hard to create goals with soul that we actually achieve!

Instead, I want you to try starting with this. I learnt this as a feedback model working with my learners in tertiary education. The idea is that you are able to be concise, objective and set yourself up for moving forward.

Lets do this!

Firstly grab a big piece of paper and divide it into the following sections:

Self: mindset, intuition, personal development, hobbies

Career, business or mission: whether paid or unpaid

Physical health and energy: movement, energy levels, your nutrition, nourishing your body

Money: your finances, budget, abundance, how you relate to money

Social life and relationships: intimate and friendships

Then for each one, you will use Stop, Keep, Start. Here’s how:

Stop: what do you need to stop doing this year? Think about the things that have held you back, the things that have been unnecessary distractions. Where are you leaking energy and why?

Keep: What has worked this year? In each area, what has been really good that has kept you engaged and feeling positive? You don’t have to change things if they’re working for you but you do need to know what those things are!

Start: What is one thing that you know would benefit each area of your life if you started it? Now the key here is not start future tripping. Yeah… I know you’ve already started doing that- please stop! Give yourself the opportunity to trust yourself. What would you start in that area if there were no obstacles? How good would it feel if you started it?

This process gives you a chance to see where you’re at but what I love most is that it opens you up to possibility. From here, you can start to see how your 2022 goals can start to take shape.

Do you know how to start the thing you’ve written? It’s okay if its a no. But don’t just sit back, take action somewhere, somehow.

And if you need help with that action, make sure to get in touch. I’m excited to work with some wonderful people this year and maybe one of those wonderful people is you.

How did this go for you? I’d love to hear your experience below.



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